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Sales Representative / Natural Chef Courses


PRODUCTIVE Sales Representative Wanted

If you have not worked on a similar sales role before and do not live in London, DO NOT APPLY! Your application will not be taken into consideration.

If you want to have a calm, easy job, without any responsibility and independent creation then do not continue reading! This job is a real challenge with high expectations, not suited to the “faint hearted”! 

Are you PRODUCTIVE and looking for a stable, predictable, secure and stimulating role? Do you also have a passion for Food and interest in Natural Cooking? We are looking for you!

Our client CNM – College of Naturopathic Medicine, is currently one of the largest Training Provider in Natural Therapies (NT) that specialises in Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy.

This is a sales job located in our London branch for one who has an interest in helping training prospects from all walks of life to get a professional education in Naturopathic Cooking and a qualification as a Natural Chef.

We will provide you with “Leads” coming from calls and emails through our website and leaflets distribution. Your job is to follow up on this “Leads”, both in person and on the phone, by calling or meeting the prospects that want to visit the school, to discover what is needed and wanted to enrol on a Natural Chef Course. The expected result of your job as the Sales Representative, is to close an average of 5 sales per week by having the “Prospect” signed up and enrolled on a Natural Chef Course.

What is most important is that you have a proven record in previous jobs of a willingness to work hard and get real and valuable results by being the driving force behind projects or areas. You need to demonstrate some of your own good results created by taking initiatives in projects or areas from past jobs as well as describing what were your main functions and responsibilities. You need to demonstrate past willingness and ability to learn fast and work hard. You need to demonstrate the main direct and valuable results you helped create or made happen in your current or previous jobs. We are looking for a person that can easily show us evidence of valuable results, production and a high level of activity from past similar jobs or functions.

To have basic knowledge in food and nutrition is important for this role. To know the basics of this field or knowledge in selling techniques is not necessary, but your ability to get results and products is. You are good at learning and able to keep applying the knowledge you have in a stable and predictable fashion. You like and know the importance of routine and are used to building or keeping systems functioning without having to change them unless absolutely needed. You know the importance of being a person who likes to work consistently in a quite stable company, there will be a need for keeping routines and at the same time handling some changes over time. You will receive induction training from senior management where you will learn to do most activities and procedures fairly exactly in order to handle the job in a stable and good way.

As the Sales Representative you have a natural sense for order and the ability to get things done on time and within budget. The most hard and demanding parts of the job as well as the biggest obstacles in having and doing this job, is to achieve monthly sales targets and get real valuable results.

You will be working within our team who share the passion for improving people’s life and health. You will be responsible for achieving monthly sales targets, a very high lead conversion %, maintain the standard operating procedures and high level of customer services. This is not necessarily an easy task as there are quite a few competitors on the market and in order to keep winning this company has to keep achieving monthly sales targets and outstanding customer service.

We will support you in keeping up with the technology development within our company’s field of expertise.

There will be opportunities to prove yourself and thus grow within the company.

Interested? Submit your application and attach your Cv with a list of achievements and results both in business as well as in other parts of your life.


a) The basic salary for this role is £19,000 a year, and plus commissions, increasing your salary up to £35,000 a year.

b) The employment agreement is full-time on a contract basis.

c) Working days and hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm. However, once a week you will need to work from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm when we have events. *Sometimes, according to business needs, you should also be available to work on Saturday’s.

d) The probation period is 6 months.

e) Location: “College of Naturopathic Medicine”, 25 Percy Circus, Clerkenwell, London WC1X 9EU.

f) Days of holidays a year: Total of 28 days a year (20 days + 8 bank holidays).