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make your cv out of this world

Writing a CV can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Follow our best tips and tricks to make your CV stand out.


Opening profile

make an impact

Here’s your chance to tell the employer why you’re different. Use this space to show why they should consider you - Your achievements, experience and career aspirations are all things that could make you the perfect fit.

It’s worth spending some extra time making sure your CV is clear and concise. Try reading it out to yourself or getting a friend to look at it for you.

show it off

That time you saved the company thousands of pounds per year or helped close that big deal. Listing some of your biggest achievements can really make you stand out.

refine until perfect

Small tweaks to adapt your CV can really make a world of difference. Do your research, read the job spec and tailor away.

make the most of your past positions

Are you looking for a career change? The employer wants to know that they’re investing in someone who will be an asset to the company in the future and will not necessarily choose the candidate with the perfect past.

Make sure that you show the skills you’ve learned in your previous roles and how they can be used in your new job. If you're applying for your first job then maybe you have a hobby or interest that could show the employer how perfect you are for the role?

hobbies and interests

big do’s

Show how your hobbies give you transferable skills. Coaching a team, writing stories or being active in a club will give you skills that an employer might be looking for.

big no’s

Dancing, Music, Partying or spending time with friends. This doesn't really tell the employer why you would be a good fit and gives very little weight to your CV.



Use our check list to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

  • Introduce yourself and your experience
  • List your experience in chronological order with the most recent at the top
  • Include your greatest achievements to show what you can do
  • Show what you’ve learned from past positions and experiences
  • Tailor your CV to the requirements of the position you want to apply for
  • Use your hobbies and interests to show your unique skillset
  • Check your CV to make sure there are no mistakes and it’s easy to read

ready to start applying?

Once you’ve followed this guide we’re confident that you’ll impress any employer - so start applying!